From the Desk of Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.


September, 2018


Dear Bereanites, 



I greet you in the only name that saves and that is Jesus the Christ. Berean, we are in the month of

September. We are approaching the unofficial end of the summer. Even though summer doesn't officially come to an end until mid-september, the summer activities begin to shut down and come to an end after

Labor Day.


For the upcoming school year, we pray that God will richly bless all of our students from pre-kindergarten to all of our students in college. We pray for God to cover our schools against any shootings or major

disruptions. We pray for all personnel who are involved with our students that they would be a blessing to them throughout the entire school year.


AS usual, there are a few people that I need to thank for their thoughtfulness and kindness shown here at

Berean. Thank you Deacon Beckett, Deacon Hill, the officers, the Culinary Arts Ministry, and the Berean

family for the wonderful 42nd Pastoral Anniversary celebration. Thank you Reverend Brice, Minister Tull, the Youth Adult Ministry, and the entire Berean family for a wonderful back-to-school rally. I've heard so many wonderful comments coming from the community on how they appreciated those acts of  kindness shown to them on that day. In fact, I thank God for allowing us to minister in this community for 101 years.


As we return from vacations and a quiet month of August, we are more energetic and enthusiastic to close out this year. We have achieved a lot already this year but there are still some things that we must do. Please place these events on your calendar:


Christian Education Day............September 9, 2018

Homecoming..........................September 16, 2018

Crab Feast.............................September 21, 2018

Prayer Meeting/Bible Study......September 18, 2018


Berean, I need your help. I can hear your minds clickin and asking me, "Pastor, how can I help you? I would like to meet with all parents and grandparents of our young people on September 9th immediately

after morning service. In addition I need to meet with all presidents of ministries or a representative of your ministry on October 13th at 10:30am. I need you to keep up with your tithes and offerings. We  were unable to stay in the black with our bills this summer because we fell short with our tithes and offerings. It's no too late to make good.


Lady Natasha and I thank you for all that you do but please remember that there is always room for



Yours in His Service,

Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.

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