From the Desk of Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.


April, 2018


Dear Bereanites, 


I greet you in the only name that saves and that is Jesus the Christ.  Yes, we are in the holiest season of the year.  The Bible says "God raised Jesus from the dead on Easter Sunday morning."  I am so happy that God has allowed us to be in the land of the living on "Resurrection Day."


Before we go any further, there are some folk that I must say thank you to for the great work they have done.  Thank you Deacons Floyd and Harris and to all who helped for a wonderful Officers Day.  Thank  you Deacons Floyd, Harris, Hill, Blake, Brice, Deaconess Kendricks, Bailey, and the Culinary Arts Ministry for a very scrumptious Officers Day breakfast.  Thank you Deacons Carter and Hill for our palms.  Thank you Berean for carrying the palms throughout our city to let people know that Jesus is alive.  I pray that I didn't leave anyone out and if by chance I did, please know I thank you.  Berean, we thank you for your participation in the Covenant Fellowship this year.  I was so proud of you especially on Good Friday.  Thank you Deacon Blake for representing us each week in the finance department.  Yes!!  You helped me shine this year because of your presence.


God has blessed us this first quarter with provisions to take care of all of our bills.  Please don't forget, anyone who wants to make a special offering to Berean can present it to me or any of the officers on Sunday mornings.  Some of you are confused about the Covering Offering.  You are to pay for the weekly amount in dollars.  Here's an example; this is week 13 of the year 2018 so your offering this week is $13.00.  Please help us stay current in our bills. 


The second Sunday of this month is Family and Friends Day.  Please invite your family and friends to share this day with us.  After morning worship, we will go to the dining hall and share an awesome meal prepared by our Culinary Arts Ministry.


I would like to meet with all persons who are technologically astute to form a Media Ministry.  I will be meeting with women of Berean to restart our Women's Ministry.  Berean, we want to do great work for Christ in the Park Heights area and in Baltimore City.


Berean, thank you for all that you do but remember we can always do better.  Lady Natasha and I are so proud of you.  Please keep us and Berean in your prayers.


Yours in His Service,

Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.

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