From the Desk of Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.


March, 2018


Dear Bereanites, 



             I greet you in the only name that saves and that is Jesus the Christ.  Can you believe it?  We are already in March, the third month of the year.  Time waits for no one and 2018 is certainly making this a reality for us.  I believe that on February the 2nd of this year the groundhog saw its shadow.  However, we haven't been experiencing the customary six more weeks of winter.  In fact, we've been breaking records that were set back in the 1930's with the warm weather we've had.  I certainly don't want to jinx this situation because we still have three more weeks of winter to go.


            Before I go any further there are some folks that I must thank.  hats off to Deacon Nyoka Hill who has been overseeing the renovations that we're doing.  Thank you to Deacon Joe Carter for assisting her with this task.  Join me in saluting Reverend Michael Robert Brice, the youngest ordained minister at Berean Baptist Church.  Now when we say Reverend Brice we have to reference it with Linda or Michael so they will know which one we're talking about.  We certainly want to honor Deaconess Donna Rice and Sister April Lunn for an unusual and extravagant Black History Month worship experience.  We all believe that our worship experience was spent in a unique and informative way.  I won't call names for fear of forgetting someone, but I did not know we had so many promising actors and actresses in our congregation.  I took the privilege of inviting Donald Ogunny back to share more information about his artwork.  Thank you Cheryl Lunn for that wonderful Black History banner.


            There are some things that I need to share with you.  We have a protocol that we should follow when doing things here at Berean.  Lately, some have been overlooking the procedures in place and coming directly to me to voice concerns and or issues.  Effective immediately, we must adhere to the policies and procedures of Berean Baptist Church.  The administrative staff will receive all programs for review and then the staff will bring them to me for approval.  There are many who normally bypass the finance committee not only when purchasing things for the church but even when making a contribution to the church.  This has to stop because our financial records are submitted to the bank and must be kept in order and up to date.  God is not the author of confusion and we certainly don't want to cause it.  I need everyone to adhere to these instructions so that we might run the business side of the church in an orderly fashion.  It is tax season and many of us will receive refunds.  I am asking that you please make a special contribution to Berean (following protocol of course).  We are definitely doing a little better with our finances but we must remain consistent.


            We are in need of a Media Ministry at Berean.  This ministry will be a great asset for our public relations.  We have not used every tool available to advertise our church.  I will be calling a meeting in the very near future so we can get this ministry up and running. 


            Berean, thank you for all that you do.  But remember, we can always do better. Lady Natasha and I are so proud of you.  Please keep us and Berean in your prayers.


Yours in His Service,

Rev. Dr. John A. Lunn, Sr.

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