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A Church Committed to the Cause of Christ



Our thoughts and prayers are extended to Our Sick & Shut-In. Please extend a card, call, and/or visit. Refer to our church bulletin for the address.

Mother Dorothy Hays

Deaconess Cardell Jones-Keswick Nursing Home 

Deacon Michael Roper

Pray for our college students and military persons:


Sis. Whitney Dyson, Sis. Ashley Johnson, Sis. Shardae Carter, Sis. Temeka Brown, Sis. Ashlee Alexander, Sis. Meagon Furr, Sis. Morgan Furr, Sis. Arlene Butler, Sis. Tyeisha Davis, Sis. Bria Johnson, Sis. Myah Floyd, Bro. Jeris Brooks, Bro. Joshua Harris, Bro. Matthew Furr, Bro. Joe Carter, Bro. Justin Lancaster, Bro. Miguel Floyd, Bro. Hayes Gaines, Jr., Bro. Nicholas Anderson, SFC Mitchell D. Tull II.